Triangulum: Sustainable Living Project

The Challenge

Triangulum is a collaborative project of three European cities: Manchester, Stavanger and Eindhoven, all working with data to make our cities more sustainable and liveable. Manchester City Council wanted a film that explained the project’s aims and the part Manchester is playing. The video had to appeal to both the public and those aware of the project who wanted to see proof of it in action.

animated explainer video showing how data is used animation for animated explainer video animation for website explaining a brand illustration from Animation for animated explainer video
The Solution

Our script not only showcases the purpose of the project but also evokes a sense of regional pride and encourages others to reflect on how their city could do something similar. We decided on a mixture of live-action and animation; the animation communicated more complex, abstract concepts while the live-action demonstrated what is happening now in the city. Triangulum’s teal blue logo became the driving force behind our chosen colour palette.

The Results

The film is being used as part of Triangulum’s social strategy as well as at events to explain the success of the project and how the data Manchester is collecting will be used.

animated end frame for animated explainer video Animation from Animated Explainer video illustration demonstrating multiple uses in animation animated and live action brand film

Working with Karl and his team at Flow was a great experience. They helped take a challenging topic, guiding us through the process of turning it in to something we are proud to show and to put our name to. The teams' willingness to go the extra mile was much appreciated as we juggled the animation, printing and a big event. Thanks guys!!

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