Top Tips For Surviving This Awful Situation


We’re not sure if you’ve heard but there is a global pandemic going on right now. Here at Flow, we wanted to spread some laughter and positivity with everyone during these difficult times. We did this by doing what we know best, animation! This series of playful videos featuring a range of quirky illustration styles, shows off some top tips for surviving the awful situation that we all find ourselves in currently.


01: Create a pleasant workspace

Those who can are working from home, setting up a nice background for office video calls can be difficult.

02: Find ways to workout

Isolation means no going to the gym, in times like these we have to get creative with our equipment.

03: Stay at home

This tip is all about staying at home. That’s it, that’s the tip.

04: Wash your hands

If you weren’t before, you should really be washing your hands. A lot.

05: Avoid touching surfaces

Avoid touching surfaces where you can and if you can resist.

06: Help someone with their shopping

It’s important to be kind and help each other out, especially the most vulnerable people in our community. We hope your furry friend is as helpful as this guy!


A set of 6 social animations with characterful animation, contemporary illustration, and in-house SFX to boot. The animations reached over 6,000 people on Instagram alone and hopefully made a few people smile at this unprecedented time.

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