Motion Hatch: Mograph Mastermind

The Challenge

Motion Hatch is a popular online learning platform for freelance motion designers and animators, who run a peer support group called Mograph Mastermind. They asked us to create an animated promo video to help promote their Mograph Mastermind Program and encourage people to sign up.

Mograph Mastermind Program animation of girl Mograph Mastermind Animation of girl on mobile Mograph Mastermind Animation of Girl feeling overwhelmed Mograph Mastermind supports with a range of goals Animation of characters working on software character animation of a group working online animation of computer with animated characters
The Solution

We decided to take a fully animated approach to the film, as we knew this would resonate best with our motion savvy audience. Using Motion Hatch’s vibrant brand guidelines we created a textured, illustrative style that demonstrated the struggles faced by a freelance motion designer, and how the program’s mentors can help you navigate those struggles, and ultimately progress you and your career! 


We were super excited to collaborate with the team at Sono Sanctus on an amazing bespoke sound bed and music track too! 

Mograph Mastermind Animation Storyboard initial sketches Initial Sketches for Mograph Mastermind Program Animation storyboard of mograph mastermind animation, featuring characters and laptop animation storyboard for Motion Hatch's Mograoh Mastermind Program Mograph Mastermind Animation Storyboard ending on logo animation
The Results

The video is currently being used to promote sign-ups for Motion Hatch’s new program cohort, which happens every 8 weeks. We’re excited to see how the film impacted the number of new sign-ups, so watch this space for the official numbers! 


It was fantastic to work with Flow; they really care about the work that they do. They listened carefully to what we needed from the animation and delivered a great piece. We'd recommend working with Flow, and hope to be working with them again soon!

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