Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound:
Acoustic Anthems TVC

The Challenge

In another collaboration with our friends at Creative Spark, we took on an ambitious project to model a realistic 3D guitar environment, and animate a seamless camera fly-through of the interior and exterior space. They wanted us to create an “epic” feel, with a sweeping and dramatic effect to match the ad’s acoustic music.

Ministry of Sound
The Solution

We did deep research into the physical structure of acoustic guitars, and developed detailed digital modelling, including the frets, the bridge, the pick guard, the saddle – everything! (We learned a lot about guitars during this project.) Techniques included UV mapping, setting up a mix of ambient and volumetric lights, and using a range of cameras with different focal lengths. We finished by rendering multiple passes of the 3D sequences, which we composited and added colour grading and lighting effects to.

3D Modelling
The Results

The client was blown away with the animation. They told us that this was the best animation they’d been involved with during all their time working with Ministry of Sound. We were delighted with the final result and with the reception from the client – it made all the hard work and attention to detail worthwhile. And it’s always amazing to see your work on prime-time TV!

3D Modelling
TV commercial animation for Ministry of sound
3D animation of guitar for a TV commercial 3D model of guitar for TV commercial Ministry of sound 3D animation Piano 3D model for ministry of sound animation 3D model of guitar for Ministry of sound animation Work in progress of 3D model
Process Video

A fly-through of a guitar is anything but normal, especially when it had to feel like an epic cathedral of music, so expectations were high all round. Flow were flexible; they listened to what we, and the client wanted to see. The end result is a beautiful piece of 3D animation forming a memorable Ministry of Sound TV ad.

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