Kalibrate: AI & Machine Learning

The Challenge

This was our second collaboration with Kalibrate, following a series of animations we made for the NACS 2018 event in Las Vegas. In this project, they wanted to take their recent research in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and transform it into an accessible, engaging animation to complement their white paper.

Kalibrate animated explainer Kalibrate AI and Machine learning animation and illustration
The Solution

Simplifying something as complex as AI is tricky! Working with Kalibrate, we developed a script that was both accurate and accessible. We took the clean, linear illustration that we’d developed for NACS 2018 and used it again to make sure this animation felt like part of the Kalibrate brand.

Kalibrate Tech aniamtion storyboard storyboard for tech company animation kalibrate
The Results

Kalibrate are sharing the animation as part of outreach to their own clients, reaffirming their position as thought leaders in the fuel and convenience retail industry.


Animation frame for Tech company kalibrate Kalibrate animation explaining product Animation for Tech Company Kalibrate Animated explainer for Tech company Kalibrate Kalibrate animation frame from tech explainer Animated Explainer Tech company Kalibrate Kalibrate Tech animated explainer video tech animation explaining their brand and product Animated Explainer for Tech Company Kalibrate Kalibrate animated explainer still
Animation Frames

The scripts and artwork shared with us demonstrated that Flow understood our project and what we were trying to achieve. We are very happy with the result, and would work with Flow on projects again in the future!

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