Partnering with Rapport Events, we were approached to produce an exciting secret agent style video that would set the scene for Fujitsu’s Distinguished Engineers conference. The video would act as a backdrop for an actor on stage, and needed to bring the conference’s theme of agility to life.



The Solution

Using the actor’s script as our guide we produced a digital mash-up in homage to Minority Report and The Matrix. The video was a mix of visual styles and we designed everything from top secret CCTV footage to heat maps to an intricate 3D model of a dragonfly. 


To top it off the film was set to a heroic bespoke soundtrack that perfectly complemented the visuals and set the scene for the rest of the evening.

The Results

The video was a great scene setter and helped pave the way for a whole host of ‘secret agent training’ that the events team went on to deliver during the evening.


Flow were incredible to work with. Responsive, on-point and creatively excellent it was an absolute pleasure to work with them on the Dragonfly Cup animation. The quality of work is astounding and above and beyond what I was expecting


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