Creative Clusters Programme

Creative Industries Clusters Programme

The Challenge

Creative Industries Clusters Programme is a collaboration of nine regional clusters (universities, tech companies and creatives across the UK) all working to drive innovation and skills. The AHRC approached us to develop a brand and integrated campaign for the launch of this £80 million government investment into R&D.

Brand Guidelines
The Solution

The dynamic ‘X’ identity unifies the programme, whilst giving each Cluster the flexibility to be unique in its own right. The programme’s aims were brought to life in a playful animation, focusing on themes of imagination and creative possibility. All Clusters were then showcased on a website featuring exciting updates about each of the innovative projects currently in development.

The Results

The programme and its identity was officially launched at the Beyond Conference in November 2018, and the Clusters will be busy developing their R&D projects over the next five years. Each Cluster is working on its own range of communications, using the brand guidelines we crafted at their core.

Style Frames
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