BBC Three

BBC Three: Award Winning Viral Video Campaign

The Challenge

Since they moved online in 2016, BBC Three have asked us to create over 100 videos. The channel is firmly established as an online leader, so our work has to be funny, up-to-the-minute, and perfectly executed. The challenge in each video is to get the viewer to stop scrolling, by offering something that’s eye-catching, different, and new.

Case Study
BBC Three
The Solution

We’ve developed a witty format for shareable social videos. Each one is short and punchy, and casts a satirical eye over the week’s events in sport, politics and entertainment. This content has helped BBC Three to build a brand voice that resonates with their users and generates audience loyalty.

BBC Three
The Results

Our content has achieved massive online reach, helping BBC Three to grow at an incredible rate. As well as generating over 40 million views in just the past year, BBC Three’s YouTube following has jumped from 45,000 to 346,000; Twitter from 200,000 to 760,000; and Facebook from 50,000 to 1.6 million. Our most successful video so far on Facebook is an Anchorman Premier League mash-up video: it scored 25 million views, with a total reach of 79 million, including 255,000 likes and 337,000 shares.


Working with Flow Creative has provided an extraordinary boost to what we are doing at BBC Three. Since moving online we have set about becoming one of the biggest and best online brands in the world and we have done that by pushing boundaries, being bold and creating some extraordinary content. As an overall campaign, Flow Creative’s video work has been extremely effective in connecting with and growing our online following.

BBC Three
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