Netacea: Next-Gen
Cyber Security

The Challenge

Automated bots now make up 90% of all online traffic. Sister startup to tech firm Intechnica, Netacea are specialists in cyber security. They asked us to make a brand film to show how their unique bot-beating solution can help businesses deal with this underestimated threat.

Animation Frames
Netacea still from animation of Earth Netacea still from animation of Data Netacea still from animation Netacea still from animation of web built human Netacea still from animation of web human Netacea still from animation of fly
The Solution

Starting with a compelling script, we developed an animation of two halves. We made dark, glitchy digital images to explain the threat, and then used contrasting visuals to show off the company’s security solution. We built on their brand guidelines, and developed a technical illustration style to match.

Netacea Artwork from animation Netacea designing storyboard Netacea logo in animation Netacea Artboard for animation Artboard for Netacea Animation Netacea Logo and closing frame of animation Netacea animation frame and typography Netacea bot and QR Code design Netacea Animation Still Netacea Still from animation netacea animation of world and data Netacea data and bots animation Netacea animation still
Animation Frames
The Results

The film was shown at one of the UK’s leading conferences on cybersecurity. It’s also used during client presentations and as an online explainer video. Since this project, we’ve worked with Netacea on two more versions for social media, and we’re starting work on a brand strategy for video content!


Loved working with Flow on this – can’t wait to do more cool stuff with you guys. It’s our very own movie trailer, attention grabbing and creative in what can be a very samey security market. Well done team.

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