Mental Health Awareness
Week 2020

The Challenge

The Mental Health Foundation is a UK charity whose mission is to help people to thrive through understanding, protecting, and sustaining their mental health. This year they asked us to help create a look and feel for their annual Mental Health Awareness Week. As part of the official government response to COVID-19, the theme for the week was kindness. We helped establish a brand which fed through animation, fundraising packs, reports and social media content.

Social Graphics
Instagram Stickers
The Solution

We created a brand that dealt with serious issues but felt positive and left the UK feeling optimistic. The style championed the Mental Health Foundation green along with a character-led illustration style. The combination of geometric shapes and abstract textures communicated subtly how mental health can make you feel off-balance and muddled but the friendly characters kept the topic of mental health approachable and reassuring.

Fundraiser Packs
Downloadable Resources

As part of the suite of materials for this campaign we created an animated film to help them spread the message and talk about the importance of Kindness. We wanted the script to be fun and engaging, to get across the seriousness of the message, but in an accessible and friendly way. We developed the script into a poem, and the comedian Mark Watson, an ambassador for the charity, recorded the voice-over for the film. The quirky, illustrative style comes alive in animation, and bespoke sound design adds the finishing touch.

The Result

The animation and digital materials are currently part of the UK government’s official response to COVID-19 and has encouraged people to fundraise for the Mental Health Foundation during May, staying active during the current pandemic.


“We were really impressed by the creativity Flow brought to the mix and they felt like a great fit for this important campaign for us. We’ve loved collaborating with the team and the campaign materials they’ve produced are amazing.”  

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