SmartImpact: Supporting Smart Cities

The Challenge

SmartImpact is a partnership between ten European cities. Its mission is to share knowledge about the five vital components of a “smart city”. Each city has an action plan for building a sustainable future, and our job was to create campaign materials to help the audience learn more.

SmartImpact mobile website SmartImpact interview for website
The Solution

To make this complex partnership more accessible, we built a bright, bold, and united style to work across 20 animated case study videos, 15 bespoke illustrations, web, print, wayfinding, and promotional products. We gave each smart city theme a different pattern and colour combination so that they can be used separately.

illustrated city of Smolyan from animation Porto City illustration from animation SmartImpact city illustration from animation and brand SmartImpact City illustration for brand and animation SmartImpact City illustration from animation
The Results

In March 2018, representatives of all ten cities came together in Manchester to take part in focused workshops and move SmartImpact forward. Our materials were at the heart of this showcase event. The toolkit is being used by every partner, and the website is a global hub for cities that share SmartImpact’s goals!

In Situ Design
SmartImpact branded Event signage SmartImpact branded presentation SmartImpact branded signage
Print Material
SmartImpact branded materials SmartImpact branded print materials for the event SmartImpact branded print materials

Working with Karl and his team at Flow was a great experience. They helped take a challenging topic, guiding us through the process of turning it in to something we are proud to show and to put our name to. The teams' willingness to go the extra mile was much appreciated as we juggled the animation, printing and a big event. Thanks guys!!

Manchester City Council
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