Now Music

NOW Music App

The Challenge

Our friends at Creative Spark asked us to help out with an ad to promote the new NOW Music app. For maximum impact both online and on TV, they needed a high-energy animation using 2D and 3D techniques.

Animation Frame
Animated TV Advert for Now Music Now Music TV commercial animation Now Music Tv commercial animation Now Music animated TV commercial
3D Animation
The Solution

Starting with an outline storyboard, we used 3D sequences to animate phone handsets, and built a 2D mosaic wall out of all those iconic NOW album covers. This scene transforms into a 3D version of the NOW logo, and extra animated elements and lighting effects provide the finishing touches.

Animation Frames
Now Music animation Tv commercial Now Music Tv commercial animation Now Music TV commercial animation
The Results

The ad was broadcast nationally in the run-up to the app’s release date, and it generated a huge number of new subscriptions.

Animation Frames
Now TV TV commercial animation Now Music TV commercial animation

It was great working with Flow on this project, the TV ad turned out really nice and the client was very happy. The 3D phones sequences looked great and the tapestry made of classic NOW album covers was a great way to get across their breadth of content.

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