The importance of great culture in a creative agency

We spend the majority of our adult lives at work, so it’s important to make that environment as inviting and happy as possible.


The beauty of working in a creative agency is that we get to work on cool, interesting projects that make our brains fizz with ideas and get us excited to collaborate as a team. Our job centres around communication with each other, so we need to make sure we’re happy working together and feel a sense of connection. Not only that, but we also need to be helpful and clear as a team – being each other’s biggest supporters but also honest feed-backers. 


So how do we encourage a great culture here at Flow?

Shared interest in our industry 

Team Flow are a curious bunch (in many senses of the word!) and we’re always keen attendees at any motion or design event. We love Motion North, Design Manchester, Pecha Kucha and Glug to name a few! Not only does this broaden our creative knowledge but it gives us the opportunity to discuss things we’ve seen together and are passionate about. We’ve also introduced a Lunch and Learn session where the team suggest inspirational creative speakers that they’d like to invite to talk at the Flow studio. Take a look at our latest visit from Craig Black here.

Recognise the big stuff! 

We’re all for celebrating a big life event with the team. Whether that’s our work anniversaries, birthdays or buying our first houses, we love an excuse for a team lunch! Pizza is the optimum choice and we’re often found in Rudy’s or PLY in the Northern Quarter. It’s good to recognise important things happening in each other’s lives and not just the day to day work stuff.

Flow Lingo 

Our fearless leader is a man of many catchphrases, and the team have subconsciously taken on a new lingo through working together. You won’t be far from a despairing ‘Santa Maria!’ if Illustrator crashes, or a supportive ‘Guuurlllll!’ if we’ve had a project signed off by a client. We even created Karl his own print where his famous catchphrases are immortalised in ink.

Witness the fitness

As we’ve said before, we’ve quite a few fitness fanatics in the team! The week isn’t complete without our boxing session on a Tuesday afternoon taking out any project stresses with a swift right hook! We also recently competed in an agency dodgeball tournament in which we were terrible, but it gave us the opportunity to dress up as hardcore 80’s aerobics instructors and take to the court! Even though it didn’t go our way it was a shared experience and one that’s brought the team together even more.

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