The Devil is in the... Process

The Animation Process

When you live and breathe design and animation as much as we do here at Flow, it’s easy to take the creative process for granted. When you follow the same procedure countless times it becomes second nature, and you forget the value of having a clear process, and how things can slip without one. Over the past three years we’ve worked hard to refine and perfect our process, so that both our clients and our team find any project super smooth sailing.

As a creative partner, it’s not just our job to make sure the final product looks great, but we’re also responsible for educating and guiding clients as we go. That way they feel confident and happy working with us, and are clear about what they will get for their money.

As with any operation involving multiple steps, there is an order to follow to achieve the best results. When you work with experts you have to rely on them to guide you in the way they’ve found to be the most effective.

We’ve learnt that establishing a clear purpose for the work, based on target audience and brand tone of voice, is the first step. Then working collaboratively with the client we will develop clear messaging, adapting that into a narrative script, then a storyboard and visual style is locked down. Only then do we start to animate, and by this time there will be nothing left to chance, and no unwelcome surprises for the client.

At the beginning of every animation brief, we like to walk clients through what they can expect. We decided to bring each step of our process to life, through a series of illustrations and easy to understand copy, that we and the client can refer back to as we go along.

As with any expert consultant there is a certain amount of trust. We’re experts in this area, and we’ve learnt over many years of applying this expertise how to get you the best results out of this process. But you still have to reassure and explain what you’re doing along the way. We might trust that a surgeon will do their job well, but a candid conversation explaining what they plan to do before an operation does a lot to put your mind at ease.


If our clients understand the order of the steps we go through, and how these work as part of a honed and perfected process, it helps us mutually plan feedback and delivery points together and enables both sides to be clear what to expect from each other. All in all making for a more successful project, a happy client who has a great end product that’s perfectly fit for purpose, and a satisfied production team who benefit from a client that respects their process.

One of our core values at Flow is to work in an open and honest way with clients and being transparent about our process is essential to this. Demystifying the creative process and helping clients to understand the thinking and the steps involved is an essential part of any of our projects.

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