Animation for Tech

Why Animation

Why is animation perfect for tech companies?

If you own a tech company or work within the tech sector, you’ll understand it can be difficult to explain exactly what your company does, or the bespoke products and services you offer. If they’re fighting through a wall of complex jargon or reading through a complicated brochure, they’re more likely to lose interest and switch off.

Video and animation is a great tool to help you explain your message in an interesting way, that is accessible and consistent. That’s why we believe it is an essential tool for tech companies.


Check out some of our favourite animations we have created for the tech sector:

Case Studies
Ways to use animation

How can you use animation in your marketing?

At Flow we create a variety of bespoke animation and video content for a variety of companies and uses

Tech companies can use animation and video content for a variety of reasons:

  • Animated Explainer Video – Explain your product or service
  • Brand Film – Explain who your brand are and what makes you different
  • Social Media Content – On social media everyone knows video is king, so why not add regular video and animated content to your social media to help you stand out. (Get in touch to find out about our creative partner programme)
  • Paid media strategy – Paid media is an increasingly popular method, using it as part of their paid social media strategy
  • Sales Meetings – Many of our clients use their video in order to help explain their product or service simply to sales meetings
  • Case Study and Testimonial Videos – Demonstrate how your product or service helped specific customers
  • Training / Onboarding videos – Streamline your training process, by providing everyone with the same information

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