Reimagined - Match dating socials

This week we split the creative team in two and asked them to reimagine what they would do with a well-known brand’s social strategy. Team One, featuring Alex and Ines, chose popular dating app, Match UK.

Before and After
The Challenge
Before (left) and After (Right)

The team dug deep into Match UK’s current Instagram profile, looking at their target audience and preferred types of content and how they could shake it up and add something new. They wanted to retain Match’s success stories but add a little extra personality and cheekiness (sometimes quite literally!) into the mix.

Our new look for Match
The Solution

Using Match’s current brand style, the team created a consistent look and feel for the account using a variety of animation, illustration and photography. 


Photography is clearly very important to Match so the team wanted to keep that but make sure it felt like a cohesive part of the brand. Choosing shots that were more people-focused, and adding the Match heart to show couples that had successfully ‘matched!’ meant that this felt consistent. 


The team illustrated a series of relatable and shareable cheeky song lyrics to resonate even more with their demographic of 30-49 year olds. 


Bringing some dating success stories to life via playful, yet sophisticated animation meant that the team could inject some fun and humour into the brand. Check out the cheeky twist at the end of each short clip! 

The Content
The Results

Eh voila! Our recommendation brings Match’s tone of voice to the forefront, allowing their audience to engage with playfulness and humour. There’s a mix of versatile content that could be shared individually or adapted for other social platforms, and could be tied into specific marketing campaigns. 

moodboard for social media content creation Moodboard in preparation for social media content
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