Reimagined - Betfred Socials

We recently split our creative team in two and asked them to reimagine what they would do with a well-known brand’s social media strategy. Team one chose (see the case study here), while Team Two, featuring Josh and Jordan, chose betting app Betfred.

betfred social media content marketing strategy instagram content created for reimagining Betfred
The Challenge

The team were tasked with reimagining an engaging social media account for Betfred UK. They had to factor in the strict laws around advertising in the gambling industry whilst still feeling relevant and appealing to their target audience. Betfred’s Instagram account has around 2,500 followers and currently focuses mostly on imagery from sporting events.

The Solution

The team understood that the target audience was mainly young male sports fans, and decided to focus on shareable, fun content using meme culture to increase brand awareness. The team created a series of original animated and still memes, bringing a sense of humour and play to the brand. 


This also needed to be balanced with content that promoted Betfred’s betting odds to get people to make the jump from Instagram over to their app. As the brand is already so recognisable, the team kept the current red to blue gradient as well making sure a wide range of sporting events was represented. 


Another key feature of Betfred’s current social media strategy is using player stats, which is something the team were keen to retain but visualise more consistently with the rest of the brand. Having these stats displayed boldly is something that their audience might find useful when considering placing a bet on, increasing conversion for Betfred and leading to them being considered a reputable source of information. 


This resulted in a social media strategy that focuses on what their target audience are looking for with a balance of sport and shareable content. This should then help to engage their current audience and grow their following.

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