Reactionary Content

Social media is becoming an increasingly difficult advertising tool to master. With so much content being released, it can be hard to catch the attention of your target audience and cut through the noise. But one of the best ways is to catch the trend and react to the topic of the moment. Platforms are increasing their ability to build in reactionary content by introducing stories and live videos, with Twitter being the hub of meme culture. We’ve taken a look at our favourite pieces of viral content and the impact they’ve had on brands they’re associated with.

Love Island

There’s not much that captures the imagination of gen z and gets them taking to Twitter in their millions like Love Island. Fans of the show can’t get enough and the show, and their social-first strategy has engaged their viewers like no show has ever done before. Love Island uses young audiences’ love for meme culture and shareable content by creating and sharing its own memes as well as sharing the best memes from their avid fans reacting to the show. The official Twitter account manages to stay on top and trending, by providing daily previews and highlights videos from the island, and the consistent branding on all their videos makes the account instantly recognisable and encourages people to engage and follow. 


The success of #LoveIsland has led to many brands with young target audiences such as Misguided and Boohoo tweeting live around the clock, jumping on the success and engagement, and getting themselves in front of their target audience.


This wouldn’t be a post about reactionary content without mentioning the Greggs vs Piers Morgan drama. 

Piers Morgan is no stranger to causing a stir online and he directed his trolling at Greggs recently. Many brands might strive to avoid criticism, but not Greggs. They embraced it with a reactionary tweet that made the whole world stop, leading to coverage on almost all major media outlets and a feature on Piers Morgan’s own show, Good Morning Britain. Greggs’ simple yet perfect response to the controversial celebrity (if you can call him that?) ignited the public’s emotional response and had people backing the product purely to spite Piers Morgan. Greggs had succeeded in reaching audiences they otherwise may not have. 

Burger King

When Kanye West takes to Twitter you never know what you’ll get, but when he tweeted that McDonald’s was his favourite restaurant, Burger King saw the once in a lifetime opportunity they had been presented. Landing them the most liked brand tweet of 2018, they played on the worldwide understanding that Kanye West can be a little.. well.. odd? All while getting at their arch rival, a recipe to make people laugh.

BBC Three

We helped our client, BBC Three, become masters of reactionary content by creating regular meme-style videos that resonate with their 16 – 25 year old target audience. 


Our two year social campaign helped them create relevant, topical content for sharing on their social channels, reacting quickly to the latest happenings in sport, politics and celebrity culture. It had a huge impact in increasing their brand awareness and online following. 


Not only did this help them to establish a tone of voice fit for their audience, but also increased their numbers and drove traffic to their online programming. Some of the results from the campaign were pretty impressive: 


  • their Twitter following grew from 200,000 to 760,000
  • their Facebook audience grew from 300,000 to 2.2 million, with one video alone reaching 25 million views 
  • in total, the campaign reached 79 million people 


Have a look at the full case study here

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