The Five Lessons Gareth Southgate can Teach us about Leadership

Well, that’s it. The World Cup is over. Football didn’t come home. What started as an ironic, self-deprecating joke by England’s supporters turned into the belief...

Flow wins the Creative Impact Award at the Big Chip Awards

Last week saw another high for Flow as we won the Creative Impact award at this year’s Big Chip Awards - it was a big night for a few reasons...

Awards – Because They’re Worth It!

Ahhhh the awards season! The reason so many people think working in the creative sector is so glamourous. We’re always at one ‘do’ or another, right?...

The perks of being social

It’s difficult to remember a time when social content wasn’t the be all and end all for brands. Now it’s one of the most important ways you can engage with your

Top trends in motion animation in 2018… so far

Motion graphics and animation are powerful. And thanks to smart phones, apps and social media, we’re never far away from them.

‘Cheers’, not ‘kind regards’

Stop, collaborate and listen

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Flow wins Start-up Business of the Year!

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