Reimagined – Betfred Socials

Event: How video can help your tech company stand out

Reimagined – Match dating socials

We recently split our team into Boy’s team and Girls team – each team featured an animator and a graphic designer/illustrator and asked them to reimagine what they would do with

Craig Black x Flow Creative

Scottish graphic designer and typographer, Craig Black came in to talk to us about his work and process. Alex summarises 5 things she learnt from him

Meet the Interns

This year we offered an animation and graphic design internship, and the successful applicants have now been with us for a weeks. We’ve asked Inês and Josh a few questions to

Jordan’s Fave Flow Projects

This month marks my third year at Flow creative as a motion designer and animator. I feel extremely lucky to have been apart of Flow’s journey so far, and equally as

Reactionary Content

Platforms are increasing their ability to build in reactionary content by introducing stories and live videos, but Twitter is the place to be, with people looking for funny memes. We thought

Internship/Job Application Advice

Here’s our top tips for anyone reaching out to a new agency, with some easy wins to help your applications for work stand out and help you get in the door.

Internship Insights

With Flow's summer internship opening for 2019, we thought we'd interview two ex-interns turned permanent Flowsters about their experience and advice.

Flow Summer Internship

It's that time of year again guys! We’re opening up applications for our summer internships!

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