Music for the 'State of Flow'

Playlists are an important part of daily studio life here at Flow. Coffee and music keep us going! But aside from the party vibes, what about when we want to get into that productive zone? The one they aptly call a ‘state of flow’? We asked the team what music they choose when the headphones go on, and we disappear into a world of writing, planning, designing and animating…


Hans Zimmer. Any film score by him is a winner in terms of getting me to focus and concentrate. If I’m prepping a proposal for a new client, or writing a brief for the team, I can’t be bouncing along to One Direction. I need something without words! My favourite Zimmer compilation of late is the ‘Live in Prague’ album featuring some of his classics – The Dark Knight, Gladiator, Interstellar. The Pirates of the Caribbean score is my favourite, as it makes me feel particularly swashbucklingly epic!


If I’m on the tools doing design / motion work I like something with a bit of a beat. I have grime, 90s hip-hop and dance anthems playlists I regularly go back to. I tend to spend more time reading and writing stuff now than animating though, and for that I find the lyrics distracting, so I have two go-to playlists to immerse myself in a task. The first is a mix of Electronica including stuff like Jon Hopkins, Bonobo, Nils Frahm and Boards of Canada, and the other is my first choice for getting-shit-done – Ludovico Einaudi. He’s an Italian composer and pianist and his epic, modern classical tracks always get me in the zone.


Personally, I’m an all or nothing kind of person, either super loud music or silence. When I’m going for music, I prefer something with words, and loud so I can’t get distracted by the outside world and my mind won’t get too bored when I’m thinking or having a few minutes rest, besides that I like a variety of music from Grime to an acoustic ballad. A few go tos would be The Greatest Showman, Lewis Capaldi, Spotify Top 50 (if I’m feeling lazy) and recently a grime playlist.


Anything with a bassy beat works for me. Blue Monday by New Order or Selfish by Little Simz. It has to have a beat so that I bop my head whilst getting in the zone. The words are so rhythmic it helps me concentrate on drawing, if I had to write a lot then I would definitely end up writing down the lyrics to Biggie’s Hypnotize.


A strong beat helps me in the zone. I appreciate most music, although when it’s time to get my head down, I tend to lean towards Hip Hop. More recently, I go for Electronic Dance Music with a bit of Avicii (RIP), Calvin Harris, or even a Retro/ Synthwave playlist that sounds like pure filth. A heavy Beat gives me a rhythmic workflow, powering me through those animation keyframes.

Fancy a listen to our State of Flow playlist? Check it out here.

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