Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal


As it’s now officially basically Christmas, we thought we’d give you some Christmas film recommendations. We asked the team to tell us their favourite Christmas films and reasons why.

It’s not Christmas without some rubbish Channel 5 Christmas films. And Rotten Tomatoes seems to think Christmas with the Kranks would fall into that category, rating it just 5%. The film follows Luther (played by Mr Christmas himself, Tim Allen) and Nora as they try and skip Christmas by going on a cruise. The film has become a bit of a tradition in my house after discovering it and it now signals the start of Christmas. Even though I’ve tried not to, I can’t help but love it. – Vicky

For me it’s got to be Miracle on 34th Street. There’s not a more believable or loveable Father Christmas than Richard Attenborough, surely? Combine that with Mara Wilson of Matilda fame and you’ve got the makings of a magical festive tale. Growing up at my parents we’d always have this on whilst decorating the Christmas tree with an obligatory box of Quality Streets, of course. And as C.F. Cole in the film says, ”We invite you to ask yourself this one simple question: do you believe in Santa Claus? – Sarah

The older I get the more I identify with The Grinch. Who doesn’t want to live alone on a mountain with their dog? The story has been reinvented in live action, 3D and 2D which is a testament to its quality. It’s a tale of an underdog, outcast in school The Grinch starts to resent Christmas but eventually learns the true meaning. The Grinch embodies the festive spirit without being sickly sweet, it has tons of comedy and a brilliant song to boot. It’s not Christmas if The Grinch hasn’t been watched at least six times. – Alex

Yippee ki yay mother f***ker! With guns, C4 bombs and poor German accents, Die Hard has everything a family Christmas classic has to offer. Think about it, a story of good vs evil, with its narrative focused on redeeming love and marriage, magical right? Plus, I cannot be the only person who believes that this is one of the great Alan Rickman’s best cinematic performances, as villain, Hans Gruber. With yet another classic kick-ass hero act from Bruce Willis, the on screen battle between these two will never be overshadowed by any other. – Jordan

The actual best ever Christmas film is Elf. This is beyond doubt. I have watched all the Christmas films and this is my conclusion. – Karl

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