Meet Winston!

The end of 2019 saw us take on two new additions to the Flow motion team – Inês, our motion intern from the summer (you can find out more about her here too) and Winston aka @the_quirks on Instagram. We thought we’d give Winston all 652 days of January to settle in before we find out more about him.

Tell us about yourself:

I started out as an optimistic graphic designer, stumbled my way into becoming a self-conscious illustrator and miraculously emerging as a plucky motion designer. Aside from making shapes move, you can often find me wearing my cap backwards (super cool right?) watching horror movies and eating noodles. 

What made you interested in Motion / Design?:

I thought it would be nice to see my illustrations and graphics move. It was daunting at first, trying to figure out what frame by frame was and all the intricacies of After Effects. But through lots of trials, and many, many errors I succeeded in making my work move. Albeit a little clumsily at the start.

Fave Flow Project?

The RMS brand film is my pick. Love how loud and quirky the visuals are. Anything outrageously abnormal gets my vote.

Who’s your animation inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from movies and cartoons. The more weird they are the better.

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