How to land your first creative internship

Getting your foot in the door can be one of the toughest yet most rewarding stepping stones in your career. You’re ambitious, excited and ready to jump into the creative world and all it’s technicolour. However, your inbox is empty and you can’t catch your break. The struggle is real.

Here are some handy tips to help you land your first creative internship, taken from personal experience.

Early Start

It’s never too early to reach out to creative agencies, even if you’re still at university or college. Making contact whilst studying shows initiative and passion for what you do – all very desirable qualities to an employer.


It’s about who you know

Whether it’s tutors, friends or friends-of-friends, networking is key so make use of the people around you and try to build as many connections as you can.

Your tutors can help you get in touch with creative people or graduates who work in the industry. University degree shows are especially useful for talking to creative professionals so are worth going all out for. I even met Karl – my future boss – at mine.


“Pick up the phone and start dialling”

It may seem simple (or just me quoting ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’), but actually, speaking to somebody on the phone and having a conversation can be more memorable than sending an email.


Get Your Work Online

Having an online presence, whether that’s a website portfolio or an account on social media, means you’re able to share your work easily and professionally. Anywhere, anytime with anyone.


Get Schmoozing

Go to industry talks and events near you. In Manchester, there’s always a creative or design event to go to. Make sure you’re open and approachable as you don’t know who you might meet and what opportunities may arise.


Patience, Persistence and Politeness

The creative industry is competitive, so it could take time to catch your first break. My advice is to stay positive and be patient knowing that your time will come. Keeping an open mind to new opportunities is key, too.


The Flow Lab

At Flow, we offer internships and work experience. I always enjoy working with the up and coming generation of passionate creatives and designers so know that if you come to Flow, you’ll be in for a warm welcome.

Internships are a great stepping stone towards that ultimate goal of getting your first job. In any agency, big or small, your placement will allow you to “get your foot in the door”, surrounding yourself with the people in that agency. And by showing that you’re keen, eager to learn and generally a nice person, you’ll go far!

I interned at Flow for five months before becoming a “fully fledged member of the team” as a Junior Motion Graphic Designer. I’d say that my internship was the most valuable experience for my personal development. There’s nothing like positioning yourself in an agency environment and getting stuck in with live projects. I was given a lot of responsibility, which helped develop my skills quickly. Two years on and no longer a junior, I’ve had the privilege to be involved in award-winning campaigns for clients such as the BBC and Arts Council England.

Flow’s on the lookout for interns to help on client projects, so get in touch with your showreel now. We can’t wait to hear from you.


T: 0161 236 1232

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