Jordan's Fave Flow Projects

This month marks my third year at Flow creative as a motion designer and animator. I feel extremely lucky to have been apart of Flow’s journey so far, and equally as lucky to have worked on some very fun and exciting projects over the past few years. 


Looking back over this time, I’ve pulled together my top 5 projects I’ve had the pleasure to a part of animating.

1.  BBC Three


How can I forget Flow’s social video campaign for BBC Three. With myself and Karl working on these together, each video was hilarious and great fun! We made short, funny content that poked fun at topical events, sports personalities and politicians. You call this work?! Honestly, it never felt like I was at work at all!


There are so many to choose from, but my favourite BBC Three video has to be the Anchorman fight scene/ general election mash-up video. When you’re compositing Jeremy Corbyn’s head on Will Ferrell and Theresa May’s head on Vince Vaughn, in a fight scene with bats and swords, you know you’ve got a cool job!


It was also amazing to watch people’s live reactions to each video on social media, the phenomenal number of views they got, and how well received the campaign was through it’s award successes.

2.  Big Chip

The Big Chip Awards 2018 opening animation definitely makes the list. The project was completely open, which allowed us to make it as cool and fun as we wanted it to be! It’s not everyday a project was as open as this one. 


I learned a lot about new techniques too, such as character design and script writing, and we were able to collaborate with many of Manchester’s great animators.


To see the fruits of our hard work on the big screen at a glitzy awards night was an incredible experience too, and made even more special as we won another award the same night for a BBC animation.

3.  Open Study College

This was an animation I thoroughly enjoyed. There was a use of characters in scenes, which at the time was something new to me. So it presented the opportunity for me to learn a lot about character body and head rigging in After Effects.


It was also the first time I got to see and animate the great Dominique Byron’s illustrations. Her style is so unique and clean, and to get it moving on screen was a pleasure.


There was pressure on myself to animate in a way that gives the artwork justice, as it looked too good to ruin! But I believe the end result achieved that, the client was happy and is certainly one of my favourites to look back on.

4.  Arts Council


This was yet again another first for me. I worked on Arts Council Funding Film as an intern, and was the first fully 2D animation project I got to work on. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog post, when I first started at Flow my After Effects skills definitely lacked. So getting thrown into a project as big as this was quite daunting, but the experience, and Karl’s guidance, allowed me to quickly pick things up and develop my skills as an animator on the job.


We worked with Illustrator Jane Bowyer who helped create an awesome geometric style, which was a joy to animate. 


This was certainly the project that made me crazy about 2D animation because I finally started to feel in control of the animation process and what I was doing! And to see the final campaign  sky rocket to huge award success was ace, and I’m very grateful to have been involved!

5.  Now Music App


Alongside the Arts Council job, I worked on the Now Music App TV advert during my internship. This was primarily a 3D job, and coming into Flow with a good level of Cinema 4D knowledge, I was able to jump onto the project and animate the 3D animated phone sequences.


This job has to be in my top 5 as it was shown on TV, and to see it at home during the adverts was just surreal. 

There you have it! There’s been so many great animation projects at Flow over the past three years, and it was hard to choose just five. Here’s to working on the next top 5!

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