Does size matter?

There are lots of great agencies out there so it can be a difficult decision for brands to know who to work with. At one end of the scale there’s multinational ad agency groups with hundreds of staff, and at the other end there are agencies of just a few people. But what does this mean for clients?

We pride ourselves on being a smaller, flexible creative team here at Flow. Here are the top five things you can expect from working with a smaller agency like us, and why that might be the right fit for you.


You get direct access to the right people 

From the get go when we’re onboarding you as a new client, you’re speaking with Karl, our founder and creative director and Sarah, our production manager. These are the two people you’ll be communicating with on a daily or weekly basis that look after your project – from initial briefing to managing each stage of the workflow to delivery. There’s no smoke and mirrors, or any other barriers – the design and motion team will be involved in the project, and you can talk to them too – but you’ll always have access to us two. Karl is responsible for the creative treatment and Sarah makes sure it gets done! It’s as simple as that.

We ensure we make budget stretch further 

We understand that businesses don’t have unlimited budgets, and need to see a return on their investment. Smaller agencies like ours tend to not have the same level of overheads as bigger agencies, so we can often be competitive in our pricing. One way to ensure you get good value for your money is by making content that can be repurposed, reused and ultimately, make sure you get the most bang for your buck. If you’re investing in a brand film for your website, we can’t just consider that as the only output that helps communicate your message. What about shorter cut-downs for your social channels? Or using illustrated assets that you can share in an email or newsletter? We make sure we consider all possibilities right at the start of a brief, without charging the earth for it.

Our team collaborates together, daily 

Our creative team sits round a desk together daily, and knows each other’s ways of working incredibly well, and as a result we’ve developed a really efficient and reliable working process. We’re not dotted around remote locations (or remote floors) where there might be an opportunity to misinterpret the brief. If there’s a question or an issue, we huddle round a sketchbook or screen and figure it out together. Questions get answered faster, and we waste less time and budget in lots of back and forth, meaning a better end result and better value for our clients. Winner! 

You become part of the team

When you come into the studio for briefings, review meetings or simply for a brew!, you’ll get to meet the full team. (You can’t miss us, we’re all on the first floor of the studio!) You’ll get an idea of how we operate by being in the space – there’s always a killer playlist on and we also have a mix of creative collaborators in the studio who hot desk with us. Let’s not forget Iggy too, our resident friendly Cockapoo!

Every client for us is valuable 

We always aim to deliver standout creative that helps our clients achieve their business objectives, but we also want you to enjoy the experience of working with us. As a smaller agency one of our biggest goals is building great relationships with our clients. We love telling the stories of our clients’ brands and if you feel looked after, then the work is all the better for it and you’ll be happy to recommend us, so everybody wins!

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