Awards - Because They're Worth It!

Ahhhh the awards season! The reason so many people think working in the creative sector is so glamourous. We’re always at one ‘do’ or another, right? But what’s the real reason we enter them? And why do we care so much about winning?

Entering awards is beneficial on so many levels. Not only do you get the obvious gains of showcasing your work to the greats of the creative world, but they’re a chance to reflect and debrief on past projects. Drafting the entries – as excruciating as it can be – makes you really question and investigate what you did and examine why it was successful. It’s all too easy to finish one project and jump straight onto the next one, so this process is actually a key learning curve and ensures you keep creating work that tracks back from awards-worthy results.

Understandably, the cost can be prohibitive to start-ups and small agencies with some charging up to £250 per category. It’s certainly not a cheap affair when you think of all the competing award bodies – The Drum, Big Chip, Prolific North, Digital Entrepreneur Awards – but getting to know which ones could benefit you in the long term then submitting an entry can really pay off.

“we’ve won new clients as a direct result”

We boldly – or crazily (you decide) – entered twenty-something last year, in our second year of trading. Staggering even for us to believe, we brought home 16 of the bad boys and were shortlisted for almost all of them! Yes, we got to attend the swanky awards events in our finest threads, but the benefits beyond that have been astounding. Winning national and industry awards has helped to put us on the map and showcase our portfolio in a way that we would have struggled to otherwise.

So many doors have opened and we’ve won new clients as a direct result. Instead of viewing us as a start-up, would-be clients see Flow as capable, well-established, talented and here to stay. Which we certainly are, by the way! We’re having way too much fun to go anywhere.

As we write this, we’re excited / nervous about tonight’s biggies – the Big Chip Awards. As last year’s big winner of the night (their words not ours), we’ve been invited to create the opening animation as well as the event stationery as their creative partner. Can’t wait for people to see it and hear what they think. Oh and we’re up for an award in the Creative Impact category, so wish us double luck!

We. Are. Too. Excited.

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