5 ways animation can help your tech company

If you own a tech company or work within the tech sector, you’ll understand it can be difficult to explain exactly what your company does, or the bespoke products and services you sell to clients. As a creative agency, it’s often a similar story for us when describing what we do to those not immersed in our industry, so we appreciate it can be a task at times!


The problem comes when your clients struggle to understand what you’re offering and how it might be really beneficial for them. If they’re fighting through a wall of complex jargon, or reading through a complicated brochure, they’re more likely to lose interest and switch off. Whilst that jargon might be very important in helping to explain your services, you need to make that information as accessible to your clients as possible.


Video, and animation in particular,  is a great tool for doing exactly that. Here’s why we believe it’s an effective way of  speaking to your customers and increasing your sales.


Animation helps to simplify your message.

When you’re working to an animation script, you have to distill your message down to its core, and think about what you’re really trying to say to your customers. What you end up with is something that truly communicates your offering, and allows people to ‘get it’ much quicker.


A voiceover can do a lot of the work.   

We tend to use a voiceover in most of our animations for clients, adding a personal aspect, and a voice that can almost be used as an ambassador for your company. Having a person record your script, bringing a knowledgeable yet warm, human tone of voice, helps to make the subject matter less intimidating or confusing, and more relatable. Pair that with supporting visuals on screen and your message will be easier to consume by your audience.


Engaging visuals get people hooked.

We’re saturated by content in today’s world, and so something that really jumps out in a saturated market can only be a good thing. Impactful, bold imagery helps to draw people in and get them listening to what you have to say.


It’s more memorable than reading.

Forbes states that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. We find that an animation of 90 seconds or less is interesting enough to keep people focused, and you can communicate everything you need to say in a slick and engaging way.


It’s perfect for the morning commute.

We absorb information in a different way these days; just look around a busy train on a weekday morning and you’ll notice most heads buried in screens. Your clients could be watching your explainer video whilst on their morning commute scrolling through LinkedIn, or on your social channels.


Check out our case studies

Why not see how we’ve helped our tech clients by checking out case studies for cyber security company, Netacea, and fuel and convenience retail giant, Kalibrate.


If you think an animation could help communicate your services and offering, get in touch! We’d love to help.


Click here to see our Netacea case study

Click here to see our Kalibrate case study

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