We Are Flow

About This Project

We wanted to make a video to introduce ourselves to you all, then we saw this master-piece by Royale –vimeo.com/132252780 – and it was perfect. We loved it so much we tried to make our own version of it. It’s nowhere near the phenomenal standard of the Royale video, but it’s our homage to it. Credits for the concept of this video have to go to Royale (weareroyale.com), they’re brilliant, and we only hope one day to be in the same league.

Hello. We are Flow. We’re an animation company, a design company, a creative production company. We do: Design, Animation, Motion, Infographics, Explainers, Branding, Adverts, Broadcast, Promos, Film, Video, Art Direction. But what we really do is… Come up with great ideas, and bring them to life. Ideas that fly. We take complex information, and make sense of it, make it easy to understand and share. But mostly, we’re here to help. Help people communicate, help to tell stories, stories with feeling. Help brands to take off. It’s what we do, and we have a lot of fun doing it. We are: Designers, Animators, Film-makers, Directors, Thinkers, Dreamers, Makers, Doers, Illustrators, Believers, Achievers, Beliebers. We are Flow.

2D, 3D, Motion